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Powerful, innovative, and unique Real Estate Investment and Startup Business Models. 

Create 3 generations of wealth for you and your family.

Burning Rock Solutions

Your financial future reimagined...

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  • Private members group

  • Secrets to finding investors and cash

  • How to properly finance and close deals

  • Get higher returns via real estate investing

  • 40+ hours of content

  • 10 multimedia reports per year

  • Specialized courses, spreadsheets, & forms

  • Free e-copies of world-class Prof Bruce handbooks and learning outcome novels

  • Networking & introductions to top-notch professionals you can trust to deliver

  • Community of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • What Members Are Saying

    "Now at 16 units, soon to be 20"

    "Roy and I continue to grow our rental portfolio, Bruce. We are now at 16 units, which will soon be 20! The next two are semi-detached. This is keeping us both very busy. Conventional mortgages continue to be our main challenge, but we are happily working for ourselves thanks to our coach!”"


    "Wish I had a coach like you (sooner)"

    "I've been fortunate to have experienced and enjoyed numerous, stimulating careers. From Wall Street to being a resort owner—really, it’s like owning my own small town—but I must say, I wish I’d had a coach like you, Prof Bruce, for many of these incarnations and now I do,"


    Paul, former Wall Street banker, independent business and real estate portfolio owner

    "Learned more in one course than all other courses combined"

    "I have taken numerous courses, including one’s from the US, that cost me tons of money… but I gained very little knowledge that I could easily apply. Since I started taking Professor Bruce’s course, I’ve learned more in this one course than all of the other courses combined. Professor Bruce’s course is down to earth and filled with everyday stuff that can be applied immediately to grow your business in the real world. I highly recommend anyone to take a course with Bruce even if you don’t invest in real estate or own your own business. It will teach you fabulous life skills!"

    Eva O'Grady

    Ottawa, ON

    Go Beyond Buy-Reno-Refinance 

    Learn about Prof Bruce’s unique BARRRRRRRF (“BARF” for short 😊) Method: Buy-Animate-Rehab-Renovate-Rent-Reappraise-Refinance-Rinse-&-Repeat (with OPM) Financing methodology!

    The idea is that you can buy a property that is under market value, typically due to the condition of the property, renovate it, rent it out, and refinance using a new appraised value. Ten years ago, we used to call this the zero down rental strategy, but investors coined the term BRRR and it stuck.

    Learn the way that best suits you

    We know everybody learns in a different way - that's why we want to help you

    Videos, forms, books and workbooks

    Everything you need to make your real estate investing more profitable. Get access to specialized real estate forms, spreadsheets, tips and tricks. All included in your membership.

    Private Facebook Community

    Access a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who support each other and remake their towns and cities, counties and states/provinces—it doesn’t take many entrepreneurs to irrevocably change a community 😊

    Mark Twain

    "The two most important days in your life are the day your are born and the day you find out why."

    Why Is Burning Rock Solutions Important?

    If you are one of the 80% of Canadians and Americans who don't have a defined benefit pension plan, if saving millions of dollars to provide for your sunset years just isn't doable, if you are fed up with tech bubbles, fund and financial advisers as well as poor returns from mutual funds, GICs, T-bills, money market funds, bank savings account interest, bank fees, life insurance "investments," the stock market, bonds, LIRAs, RRSPs, TFSAs, 401(k)s, IPPs, IRAs, option trades, day trading, precious metals, gold and other types of investing save and except your own small or medium sized enterprise, one you own and control, and real estate investing then you'll want to subscribe to the Burning Rock Report.

    Learn To Grow Rich

    Learn to buy smart, hold and grow rich using Warren Buffett's philosophy of tax-free refinancing.

    Earn independent income through real estate so you can provide for yourself and your family.

    How to really finance property.

  • Buy Multiple Real Estate Properties

    Learn to own your own home, place of business (if you have a business).

    Buy three or four residential rental properties (more if you like, but not less), some small commercial and land.

    Once you hit your target number of doors - STOP BUYING!

    Instead, crank up the repayments to reduce your amortization period (ie. pay those mortgages off).

    Once paid you are the bank.

    All rents come to you!

  • Become Financially Independent

    In about 15 or 20 years, you'll have a decent independent (but, sorry to say, it's not work-free) income of anywhere from $70k to $100k per year and a portfolio worth maybe $2 to $3m, mortgage free by the way.

    It's get rich, slow but at least you won't be eating cat food when you are an elder.

    You can aim higher if you want to, but not lower than this.

    • How to implement Prof Bruce's 4-steps to real estate success

    • How to be a real estate entrepreneur and grow a real business

    • How to retire with wealth that will provide for you as long as you need (ie. never run out of money)

    • How to make sure your properties earn above average returns

    • Learn from someone who has actually been a developer, investor and a broker and who has PhD in urban economics too!

    • How to earn independent income through real estate so you can provide for yourself and your family for 3-generations

    Here's What You Get When You Join The Burning Rock Solutions

  • 10 multimedia reports per year ($1997 Value)

  • 40+ hours of content ($1497 Value)

  • Access to last year's reports ($904 Value)

  • Specialized courses, spreadsheets & forms ($2997 Value)

  • Bonus #1 - Entire Prof Bruce Learning Library ($1297 Value)

  • Bonus #2 - Secrets to finding investors and cash ($297 Value)

  • Bonus #3 - How to finance and close deals ($297 Value)

  • Bonus #4 - Private members group + community (Priceless)

  • About Prof Bruce's Coaching

    "Coaching Changed My Life"

    “I approached Prof Bruce for coaching after seeing one of his presentations. At the time, I had only just started in real-estate investment and was undoubtedly a novice. Prof Bruce’s coaching changed my life by giving me a business-owner perspective to real-estate investment and other entrepreneurial ideas I had. Being able to break down a concept into realistic strategies for monetizing an idea and attracting real customers proved to be incredibly useful. Countless other skills were found along the way: For example, creating road maps for business growth or fleshing out agreements with investors and stakeholders without giving up the farm, as they say. All such things were new to me, and as a person with no background or experience in business, such concepts were greatly illuminating, and I would even qualify them as life changing. I also saw how critical it was to get these things right (especially your business model, yes, biz models also apply to real estate investing and development) from the beginning. It is certainly no surprise that more than 90% of new businesses fail in their first few years. Whether you have a real estate portfolio (or would like to develop one), a simple idea on the back of a napkin for a new enterprise, are a small business that needs to grow, or you are developing strategies for merging, selling or transforming your business, Prof Bruce will lend you an invaluable helping hand.”

    Alex Colligan

    "We are all lucky to have you in our lives"

    "Bruce, you are truly an awesome person. Thank you for what you do for people like us—teaching us to be co-coaches and giving us our own personal business models for success. We are all lucky to have you in our lives"

    Trish Taylor

    Co-Founder, GT Global Prosperity Inc

    "Coaches like Prof Bruce are your shortcut to success"

    " believe in mentors. If we all lived to be 300, then we wouldn’t need them—we could learn everything on our own. Coaches like Bruce are your shortcut to success—they are the least costly, highest ROI investment you will ever make."

    Fab Di Franco

    Technology Executive

    My Rock Solid, Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

    Listen, I get that you might be a little skeptical and that this all may sound too good to be true. I get it, I know what it is like to get pitched all the “shiny objects” that in the past have promised the money and failed to deliver.

    That’s why I’m going to give you a “No Brainer” 30 DAYS GUARANTEE. If for any reason you’re not happy, simply let me know before the 30 days risk free examination period is up, and I’ll give you a full refund

    No Hassle, No Questions Asked.

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